Our Story

Susie’s Philosophy:

Susan Herlands, the owner of My Mother’s Delicacies, is dedicated to her product. She has received numerous awards and has been the subject of several articles because of her commitment to quality and customer service.

“We absolutely do not compromise on quality. Each hand-rolled Rugelach is guaranteed to be fresh, delivered on time, and will excite your taste buds.”

Susie’s Story:

Bertha Hodin born in
Galicia, Poland

It began far away from here, in a time and place where baking was almost always done in the home, and recipes were cherished and guarded like gold. It was a time when ingredients were obtained from neighbors’ farms and modern ovens were but a futuristic dream. Yet, the people of Nineteenth century Poland ate well. At mealtimes the wooden dining table would be laden with all sorts of foods – salads and soups and meats and cakes and pastries. This was the world in which my grandmother, Bertha Hodin, grew up.

Some of my earliest memories of my grandmother come from holiday dinners we had at her house. Nan (as we affectionately called her) bustled about, serving dishes with the efficiency of a drill sergeant. Nan cooked by feel, following loose recipes taught to her by her mother. Nan especially loved baking, and her pastries were delicious. The highlight of every dinner was her rugelach dessert. Whenever she brought out that tray filled with rugelach, conversation ceased and the pastries would be devoured within minutes.

Nan took great pride in her rugelach. Each Hand-Rolled treat boasted an exquisite cinnamon-nut filling and was baked to perfection. Over the years, Nan passed on her recipes to the next generation. My mother soon learned all of the Old World dishes, adding her personal touch to each one. As Nan grew older, my mother took over the bulk of the baking. Like her mother-in-law, her specialty was rugelach. Mom perfected the pastry, sprinkling powdered sugar lightly on top of each one and creating new flavors such as apricot, raspberry, and chocolate.

Eileen Hodin shown here in her home kitchen (1988) with her daughter, Susie

In 1988, close to a century after Bertha Hodin immigrated to America, I decided to share this family delicacy with the world. With my mother’s help, I opened a small bakery and began selling our product in local markets. As demand for the rugelach increased, we were able to expand and explore different horizons.

That’s where we are today…